Domestic Abuse


  • Dads Advocates male victim domestic abuse service providing advocacy, impartial support, recovery courses and confidential advice from male victims of domestic abuse.

  • Dads Advocates Prevention & Recovery Program, allows victims to understand the perpetrators behaviours and learn the tools for recovery.

  • Dads Advocates Healthy Relationships perpetrator Program, provides a 12 step program of rehabilitation systems to prevent re-offending.


Male Victim Domestic Abuse Service

Dads Advocates offers victims of Domestic Abuse Victims a remote, nationwide service providing confidential advice, impartial support, and advocacy for male victims.

We support all men; with and without children.

Referrals: Professional and Self-Referral

Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service

Lincolnshire Male Victim Domestic Abuse Service is a bespoke support service for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence including psychological, physical, sexual, financial, emotional abuse and also coercive and controlling behaviour.

Referrals: Professional and Self-Referral

Nathan Wilson

Domestic Abuse Survivor and Advocate

Nathan is a an experienced Advocate who has helped many men dealing with the challenges of domestic abuse .

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