Delays in Family Court as separated Dads causes grieving for our live children, parental alienation and making more catastrophic consequences. You might have heard that the construction of the family courts complex at Hammond Lane has hit another roadblock. Yeah, construction’s not even set to start until 2026, and they’re saying it won’t be done till 2028. It’s a bummer for all of us, especially for separated dads who’re dealing with family law issues in Dublin.

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Now, these delays aren’t just about construction stuff – they’re messing with people’s lives, especially for those relying on the family court. Our buddy Keith Walsh, a family lawyer, said it straight: “It’s bad news for families who’re stuck using these courts.” These delays pile on the stress that separated dads and their families are already dealing with.

Knowing You’re Not Alone: If you’re a separated dad caught up in this legal maze, please know that you’re not at it alone. There are people out there – legal pros and support networks – who’re ready to back you up through all the mess and hurdles.

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Okay, so we can’t speed up construction, but we can gear up mentally. If you’re a separated dad, you can take the wheel when it comes to how you handle these family law challenges. Talk to the wise folks – those experienced family lawyers – and get a handle on your legal rights. Plus, don’t forget to lean on your support crew for that extra boost.

Even though construction’s lagging, it doesn’t mean we’re stuck forever. You and I can make a difference by speaking up and showing why we need a solid family law system pronto.

Sure, these construction holdups are frustrating, but remember, you’re not the only one feeling the heat. These setbacks impact everyone looking for justice, including dads like you. While construction’s playing hard to get, our determination, our voices, and our unity can push for better days ahead in family law.


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