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Dads Advocates C.I.C is a Not For Profit Organisation challenging attitudes, barriers and gender inequalities for Dads.  We rely on donations and funding to enable our services to be affordable to all Dads.

Separated Dads

We help separated Dad’s  create safe, consistent and meaningful relationships with their children, by reducing parental conflict, creating workable co-parenting strategies and if required guiding Dad’s through the process to exercise their parental rights.

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FREE False Allegations Masterclass

Join the award-winning Dads Advocates, legal team, in this exclusive  How to beat false allegations without looking defensive masterclass.

Topics Covered:

  • The motives of false allegations
  • Domestic abuse allegations
  • Drug allegations
  • Alcohol allegations
  • Child abuse allegations
  • Mental health allegations

You will also receive the Dads advocates False Allegations Evidence Tracker

One-To-One Mentoring

Dads Advocates Coalition

Dads Advocates Parenting Kits


Domestic Abuse Help

What Is Dads Advocates Coalition?

  • We provide a safe place where separated dads can find support, share stories, ask questions and develop tools that help them navigate their situation.
  • The Dads Advocates Coalition provides members with the opportunity to have direct access to legal help, therapists, parenting support, domestic abuse help and advocacy in their case when they need it most.
  • Our member coaches are trained professionals who will listen to your story, build trust, and then provide legal support if needed.

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“Quick thinking by Nathan at Dads Advocates, meant I was able to get my daughter back home for Christmas.  He truly gave me the best Christmas present possible. I will be forever indebted to you. Hopefully one day you will let me learn from you so I can possible help others. Keep up the good work brother.”



“Thank you buddy honestly you don’t know how much today ment to me seriously felt like I had no where to turn to. You are such an amazing person for what you do helping guys like myself out. Top man.”



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Dads Advocates C.I.C is a not for profit community interest company  promoting safe, consistent and meaningful contact between children and seperated Dads.

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