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Dads Advocates guide Dads through family separation using a child-centred approach to communicate, co-parenting and child arrangements.

Our approach is to promote the strategies of Co-parenting  in order to improve the lives of the children of separated Dads and to reduce parental conflict.  However, we recognise that co-parenting strategies are not always possible, if this is the case Dads Advocates Parallel parenting approach is a strategy we use to prevent parental conflict, and ensure children are able to have safe, consistent and meaningful relationships with their Dad.

MEET THE founder

Nathan Wilson


Hi, I’m Nathan! There Is Nothing More Painful Than Not Knowing When You'll See Your Own Children Again. I Know That Feeling All Too Well Because I’ve Been Where You Are. Now I’m Here To Help.

My name is Nathan, founder of Dads Advocates. I have experienced the unthinkable agony of not knowing when or if I’ll see my kids. It’s a devastating experience, and one I learnt a lot from. Now, I want to share my story and knowledge to help encourage other dads who are facing a similar situation.

I am 37-years-old and have 4 children I love more than anything in this world. At one time, my rights to see them were taken away by my ex-partner. She was domestically abusive and used bribery to try and control the situation. Instead of giving way to her demands and paying her to see my kids, I took legal action. Even when she made false accusations in court to slander my name, the allegations were thrown out. My previous actions of seeking and being granted two non-molestation orders for the abuse she and her family had inflicted on me supported my case.

After 4 years in and out of court, I had spent about £43000 in legal and court fees. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and stress, but I ended up winning full custody of my children. They live me with me solely and have monthly contact with their mother.

Through everything I endured, I have come out on the other side with a clear vision of how I want to help other dads during this tough time. I started Dads Advocates because I know how hard the legal process can be, financially and mentally. Getting access to your kids is not always easy, and there are a lot of hoops to jump through in the legal system.

My goal is to mentor other dads through the process and get time with their kids back. I aim to guide you through what to expect in court; from the separation, to mediation, and all the way to the final hearing. My purpose is to show you how to get the best outcome possible for yourself and your kids.

There are aspects of the custody process people may not even realise they should prepare for. Knowing how to behave when authorities are present and what to say is very important. So is being able to fill out court applications, and learning to write statements. These are things that can cost a lot of money if a solicitor fills them in. I understand you may not have the funds to be able to afford those extra costs, so I want to show you the ways to get the work done yourself.

My mission here is to support you every step of the way in getting time with your kids. There is no shame in what you may be going through, and I am here to be an ally and advocate for your cause. If I’m not the right fit for your needs, then I’m happy to help find the resources that can. Feel free to reach out anytime over the phone or email, so we can start the process of bringing your children back into your life where they belong.

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