Dad's Advocates

Separated Dads Mentors & Male Domestic Abuse Advocates

Hi, Welcome to the Team

Both Nathan and John are fathers who have been through the process you may be going through or are experiencing.

Meet two of the Dads part of the Dads Advocates Team.
John – Trustee and Head of the Perpetrator Program.
John’s strengths are dealing  with mental health, children’s services, police and the courts
Nathan- Founder and Head of the Male Domestic Abuse Service.
Nathan’s strengths are parenting with a high conflict exparner, child focused parenting, progressing through the court system without a solicitor

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Our Values & Beliefs


We help separated Dad’s create safe, consistent and meaningful relationships with their children, by reducing parental conflict, creating workable co-parenting strategies and if required guiding Dad’s through the process of family court.


Protecting childrens rights by instillling a child-centre approach to co-parenting.  Reducing emotional harm on children by reducing parental conflict.


Campaigning for change in legislation, policies and attitudes towards Dads.  Challenging stereotypes and breaking down  societal barriers to meaningful fatherhood.

Our  Approach

Dads Advocates guide Dads through family separation using a child-centred approach to communicate, co-parenting and child arrangements.

Our approach is to promote the strategies to  Co-parenting  in order to improve the lives of the children of separated Dads and to reduce parental conflict.  However, we recognise that co-parenting strategies are not always possible, if this is the case Dads Advocates Pararall parenting approach is a strategy we use to prevent parental conflict, and ensure children are able to have safe, consistent and meaningful relationship with their Dad. 


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